Our company

COBRABID-BBC is a leading certification body on the Polish certification services market. With many years of experience, it offers services for companies operating in various industries. We focus mainly on providing services in the scope of school and pre-school furniture, sports and playground equipment certification in accordance with European Union and Ministry of National Education and Sport requirements related to safety of products used by children during study, sports activities and playing. Our Certification Body conducts certification of products for compliance with national, European and international standards: furniture (including school and pre-school furniture), paper products, playground devices, sports and recreational equipment, specialized school and pre-school equipment. Certificates issued by us entitle to mark products with the COBRABID-BBC Reasearch and Certification Office Safety Mark®. We base cooperation with our business partners on credibility, reliability and tradition.
COBRABID-BBC Research and Certification Office is a member of Technical Committees operating the the Polish Standardization Committee.