COBRABID-BBC Research and Certification Office Sp. z o.o. was formed from the restructured Research and Development Centre of Teaching Aids and School Equipment in Warsaw. COBRABID-BBC Certification Center, being a product certification body, conducts certification activities since 1997. We have a long-standing, established and stable position on the Polish market, which allows us to offer our clients attractive and competitive prices.

We are a pioneering company conducting certification of school and pre-school furniture in educational facilities in accordance with European Union and Ministry of National Education and Sport requirements concerning safety of products used by children during study, sports activities and playing. At the same time, as one of the first companies in Poland, we implemented certification of recreational and sports equipment for compliance with European standards (EN), currently accepted as Polish standards (PN-EN). We conduct certification of products for compliance with relevant standards. Certificates issued by our Certification Body entitle to mark products with the COBRABID-BBC Research and Certification Office Safety Mark®.