COBRABID-BBC Research and Certification Office

  • COBRABID-BBC is a leading certification body on the Polish certification services market. With many years of experience, it offers services for companies operating in various industries. Our mission is to cooperate with manufacturers, importers and suppliers of furniture, playground and sports and recreational equipment in order to enable these companies to obtain certificates confirming the compliance of products with requirements of relevant standards. We support our clients in their continual improvement. COBRABID-BBC Research and Certification Office is a member of Technical Committees operating the the Polish Standardization Committee.
  • COBRABID-BBC Research and Certification Office was formed from the restructured Research and Development Centre of Teaching Aids and School Equipment in Warsaw. We are a pioneering company conducting certification of school and pre-school furniture in educational facilities in accordance with European Union and Ministry of National Education and Sport requirements concerning safety of products used by children during study, sports activities and playing.

We recommend our services

Safety during study

We carry out certification of furniture for school and pre-school aged children, for individual use and educational institutions

Safety during leisure and fun

We verify the safety of playground equipment and check whether they guarantee conformity with the requirements of European standards

Safety during sports activities

We verify the safety of sports equipment and check if doesn't expose the user to excessive strain and injuries

Safety of storage

We analyze construction, mechanical and material properties of industrial equipment used for storage of goods in stores and warehouses

COBRABID-BBC Certification Centre

We are an established and reputable products’ certification body, and certificates issued by us have won trust on the Polish and European market

Help of our consultants

Our consultants are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 8:00-16:00

We conduct certification of products in the following areas:

Furniture, including:

  • school and pre-school furniture
  • specialized school and pre-school equipment, such as boards, showcases, hangers, etc.
  • office, home and garden furniture, and other
  • Other:

    • Warehouse and shop racks

Recreational and sports equipment for playgrounds:

  • playground devices, such as play sets, swings, roundabouts, slides, sandboxes, fitness trails, devices for strengthening exercises, etc.
  • surfaces
  • supplementary devices, such as benches, waste bins, fences, etc.

Sports equipment for gyms, sports halls and pitches:

  • pitch equipment, such as goals for football and handball; basketball, volleyball, tennis equipment, etc.
  • gymnastic equipment, such as ladders, horses, jumping boxes, bars, gym benches, springboards, etc.

COBRABID-BBC Research and Certification Office

  • COBRABID-BBC Certification Centre, being a Certification Body for products, operates in compliance with requirements of the PN-EN ISO/IEC 1765:2013 standard and provides services in the scope of products’ certification in an accessible and open way for all clients, regardless of their legal status, size and participation in any organizations.
  • Certificates issued by us entitle to mark products with the COBRABID-BBC Research and Certification Office Safety Mark ®. This mark confirms that furniture and school equipment, recreational and sports devices, pitch and gym equipment are safe, functional and have appropriate strength parameters.